Yest Enterprise (EN)

Yest - Test Design Automation

Close collaboration and efficient communication are essential success factors for project teams working in agile methodology. The ATDD and BDD approaches focus strongly on this collaboration, within the "3 amigos" group.

YEST Enterprise is the pairing of YEST and a YEST for Jira app for the tool-based and efficient implementation of extended collaboration beyond the test team.

It is the possibility given to the PO and/or the Business representative to graphically define the perimeter to be tested during the sprint, in addition to the expression of the User Stories, and to follow, contribute to, and influence test design.
It is also an efficient solution to capitalize on the knowledge and produce living documentation of the tested application.
YEST Enterprise support your collaborative automation practices agile testing.

How does it work?

From YEST for Jira, the PO and/or the business representative can define the functional scope to be tested during the sprint through visual representations of the business workflows; which are synchronized in the test team's YEST environment to serve as a working basis for test design and automation.